How common drinks impact your teeth

They say that humans are made up of 60% water. As a result, it’s good for us to drink a lot of liquid every day, especially water. But, water can be a bit flavorless (and caffeine-less) so most of us drink a lot of other types of liquids throughout our days. But how do those drinks impact our teeth and mouth? Here’s a quick rundown of what popular drinks do to your dental health.

Water. Let’s start at the most basic. Water, with its neutral pH balance and no additives, is good for your teeth! It’s generally considered the healthiest thing to drink, so drink up! But that’s not very surprising. Let’s get on to the non-water drinks.

Sparkling Water. Ok, so we weren’t being totally honest when we said we’d move on to the non-water drinks. Sparkling water has seen quite the resurgence in recent years and many people drink one or more servings of sparkling water every day. Like normal water, most sparkling water doesn’t have any added sugars or colors, so it’s relatively good for your mouth. However, it is carbonated, which means that, over time, the carbonation can impact your teeth. This shouldn’t be much of an issue though, unless you’re drinking a LOT of sparkling water every day.

Coffee. Over 2 BILLION cups of coffee are drank around the world every day and chances are you drink coffee too. Coffee isn’t inherently all that bad for your teeth, but the brown color of coffee can cause staining on your teeth over time. Coffee can also cause bad breath, so make sure to pop a sugar-free breath mint after you finish your morning cup!

Soda. In regards to your teeth, soda is essentially a combination of coffee and sparkling water, with extra sugar thrown in. The carbonation can cause tooth decay over time and the, often dark, color of soda can stain your teeth over time, just like coffee. Additionally, soda has LOADS of sugar which can stick to your teeth and cause buildup and tooth decay. And, since the bacteria in your mouth love to feed on sugar, it can cause bad breath too. It’s best to limit your soda intake. Your teeth will thank you.

Beer. This will be a short entry. Beer is most similar to soda. It can stain your teeth overtime and the carbonation and sugars present in the beer can lead to tooth decay.

Wine. Red wine can stain your teeth and the sugars in wine can lead to plaque buildup and bad breath.

Unsurprisingly, water is the best for your teeth, plain and simple. So drink a lot of it! None of the other drinks on this list will cause immediate damage, but they should all be taken in moderation and make sure to always brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth shiny and white and to prevent any unnecessary buildup from occurring!


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